Team cohesiveness and unity boost sports performance

Scientists have proven that team cohesiveness and unity boost sports performance, especially for female athletes.

We’re nearly 5 months into the global Covid-19 pandemic, and all of us at Sporty Hair are eager to see our kids return to sports as soon as it is safe. We’ve been using this time to fine tune our designs, tinker with our website, and get every detail ready for our grand opening this fall, with luck! 

Stretching with scrunchies

Youth sports require a combination of physical skill and mental discipline, and sometimes it’s just that little edge that makes the difference between a good game and a great game; an OK performance and a stellar one; a loss and a win. Sometimes, it’s just how we feel about ourselves that day: Did I get enough sleep? How is my skin today? Is my uniform clean and fresh? Am I having a good hair day? Do I have a spring in my step I can’t quite explain?

We started Sporty Hair to help athletes look and feel their best on game days. Adding a color coordinated ribbon, bow, hair band or headband to a uniform can often provide that little edge that brings a team together. 

Plus, hair accessories are fun, and I think we could all use more fun in our lives right now!

Susan Wiczynski

Owner and President

Sporty Hair

* Carron, A. V., Colman, M. M., Wheeler, J., & Stevens, C. (2002). Cohesion and performance in sport: A metaananlysis. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 24. 168-188

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